I felt like a nomad around my thoughts, ideas and thrift materials.  This floated into my LADYFIT for the day.  In my mind, I created a composition based around the feeling of a thrift nomad in search of materials, inspiration, and connecting all of these thoughts into something to explain/define.  This could potentially be part of the next issue of LADYFITS, bringing together Spring Identity with Nomadism.  


Yesterday's post began my re-look at LADYFITS from April events.  This post is documenting my moment in stripes.  

Stripes are a part of my folk dress, something I wear on a daily basis.  It is my Armor for the day that I feel most comfortable in.  Some have sweatpants, I have stripes.   

I couldn't find the stripes I imagined in my mind, so I created my own through adornment of materials (found objects) on garments.  I took it further by utilizing the scraps left behind from a LADYFITS composition.  No sewing waste is left behind.  

Another addition to my re-look is a worn/torn black lace blouse (third image).  I exaggerated its speed of wear even further as well as attached a wall tapestry (responded to its heavy water damage).  Creating this piece, exemplifies my aesthetic of the worn/torn being given another chance.  There's a lot more substance to this thrifted piece than something created in a fast fashion space.  It is only to be forgotten after its trend, becoming waste.  It is important to me to look at what is around us as material resource.  That is my hope for everyone to take away from the April events - form your own definitions to reuse, reduce, recycle in your life.


Since Saturday's event, my compositions have been in their garment bags.  I'm finally bringing those items out again with new eyes.  

Here's a different look at a few pieces from LADYFITS in April - documenting my moment in time.  The thoughts from then have completely changed for Today.  


I'm back to my blog, ready to work on new LADYFITS.  I've had a whirlwind of experiences in April.  Most of which were hearing from people in the community, interacting through events.  I enjoy being amongst my community to discuss how textiles can give form to our understanding of what is around us - it is a communicator and identifier.  I have so many thoughts floating around my mind.  I'm prepping with reading the McQueen book - it is paired with the Exhibition at the Met in New York.  I look towards the great textile souls of McQueen and Lacroix.  It not only gives me inspiration in the physicality of their work.  It also gives me adrenaline to push LADYFITS.  One of my most treasured compliments from April: Someone told me I was the ambassador + couturier of thrift, which I will try to hold my head up high to those standards.    

What's ahead for LADYFITS?  LOTS!  More info to come on my partnership with Goodwill of the Heartland + the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library.