Hello, world!  It has been a crazy past few months....maybe all summer.  I've had the opportunity to be in studio working on installations, furthering some of my thoughts as an artist in this community.  Of course this is all thanks to Goodwill of the Heartland.  I'm really blessed to be with an organization like this one.  I find new things each day about their work, which inspires me to keep pushing.  I urge everyone to look at the work of Goodwill.  Donate!  It's incredible to see where your donations go and how they help people.  If it wasn't for someone donating a bed frame+springs, I wouldn't have created an embroidery installation.  Don't worry I will update everyone on this bed frame installation.  It was a success, opening up dialogue between materials, resourceful expression and culture.  

I shall return to wrap-up the summer season of LADYFITS........

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