COLLECTING_one's collection

Every passion borders on the chaotic, but the collector's passion borders on the chaos of memories
-Walter Benjamin

An imagined narrative is born out of objects + memories, allowing our history to be concrete in possession. 
We all have collections to share.  I'm trying to make sense of my collection of textiles, adornments, historical items, stories....etc...  It is through LADYFITS that I explore how to communicate these thoughts to you, while showing the value in a resource.  

LADYFITS_a lot of my ideas end up aesthetically as clothes.

LADYBIRD at CR West Goodwill

LADYFITS_Fall colors

Earlier this week I was in the rural parts of iowa, traveling highway 30 - the great lincoln highway.  This is an amazing time to be in iowa, witnessing the harvest + fall colors.  i started writing about the connection of harvest to ceremony.  It is a form of ceremony to harvest the corn or soybeans - certain tasks the farmers complete - process - year after year.  Ceremony is the theme i will be working on for the next installment of LADYFITS. 

i've been collecting post-ceremony garments.....wedding gowns...hideous to most for the over abundant details - designs that someone needed to say stop....edit.  i enjoy these over designed garments the most.  There are a lot of possibilites in resourcing parts - a form of post-ceremony dissection to a wedding gown.  They get donated to a thrift store....forgotten.  how can these post-ceremony garments be resourced in daily life again?
How do we define the garments that are ceremony vs. garments that are not ceremony?  

how i get ready - putting together a composition for the day's tasks - my form of ceremony....

what i wear is my ceremonial garment - it's in the discussions - stories - oral history through textiles



Goodwill @ Rock Island, IL - LADYFITS

Today, i'm heading to the Rock Island Goodwill store for an event.  I haven't been to this store.  Evidently, everyone is excited to see me.  They have been looking at their thrift store through the resource eyes of LADYFITS by picking out garments for me to sketch.  I was amazed to hear this action....eager to get to the store and report back on the event.  

Please bare with me as this blog develops.  I'm still trying to figure out the balance between my sketchbook and this blog.  I'm not quite sure if this blog can be a good mental companion like my sketchbook.