It's a new week and another round of hunting + gathering content for LADYFITS.  Follow the HUNT with me on twitter @LADYFITS

Tomorrow, I will post the gathered objects 



From ARTIFACTS in Iowa City, IA

This 3-piece garment composition spoke to me on many levels of resourcing it for various uses. The uses range from object inspiration_seperating pieces to create 3 definitions_object restoration_documentation.  It's amazing how this one purchase can spiderweb into many ways of interpreting it while utilizing its resources.  

It is a specimen to be explored.  I started by simply wearing the garment as a 3-piece set + documentation of the textile surface + applications.

More to come.


A thrift store not only brings me the material resource, but also the inspiration from objects:  how they are curated on the shelf.  I'm intrigued by old Avon bottles.  You never see the same one again.  I documented the color scheme rather than the forms, blurring the details to focus on the mixture of tones.  This is a portion of my process for LADYFITS.  A thrift store allows me to explore different color schemes + patterns.  I will eventually translate these into dress. 


 Nike tennis skirt + LADYFIT dress elements 
(florals + stripes + LADYBIRD blue)

I'm still documenting my dress pattern through symbols-inspired by a figurine of a woman from the Bronze Age, showcasing the folk elements that can be applied to today.  


I'm continuing to explore and redefine an object's use.  Mainly focusing on the object becoming part of my dress.  

Faux florals are abundant in thrift stores.  I'm giving these objects a different function + new storyline.  It takes a great deal to break the object apart, so that it is no longer seen as a faux floral.  Rather, it is becoming an element of adornment for LADYFITS.

I purchased this faux floral based on the color scheme_____the wear______the shapes.  It has witnessed the elements, loosing a bit of it's color + picking up a new color in the process.  That is what I enjoy most, aged + worn.  I'm often drawn towards anything old rather than new.  The objects have a living quality about them.    



This is part II for yesterday's LADYFIT.  I often switch things up from AM to PM, depending on my mood + thoughts.  This switch-up is a typical LADYFIT___elements of my folk dress.  The structure to the top layer (black) interests me the most, its grid formation.  I've already started to work on this layer.  Sometimes it takes a good day of wear to realize the garments movements + to build on ideas.     


Thrift Hunter+Gatherer 



Here's the hunting list for today's thrifting experience.  It's composed of materials I need for events in April + continuing my folk dress exploration.    

Hunt + Gather with LADYFITS


I start with a word or theme for most of my LADYFITS explanations.  Then, I compile different objects together to form the idea in my head.  It continues to evolve further and further as I explore deeper into the themes + begin to create.  This particular composition is for the theme of ARMOR, a finale/celebratory end on the themes explored during this winter season_survival_pattern of dress_levels of function_material.


This is my LADYFIT for the day.  I layered + draped these textile elements to my dress.  This is an act I've been doing all week_drape textiles + objects into forms of dress.  It's my way of saying goodbye to my winter black velvet dresses and an intro into the spring season.  It's also a creative exercise to compose my wear with thoughts being funneled into a certain time frame to complete. 

I ARMOR myself for the day, allowing it to only be for that time.  Tomorrow, it's on to something else.  This LADYFIT action is genuine to how I feel in the moment of dressing_the daily ritual to compose my expression by explaining things through dress.  For this day, it is to futher explore my folk dress. 


MATERIAL ARMOR_draping objects into forms of dress
This is a pre-look to the winter series finale on ARMOR (LADYFITS issue no.5, Goodwill of the Heartland newsletter).  It is a good bye to winter and hello to spring, the process to ARMOR ourselves.

This particular garment represents the finals days of winter: black velvet of the dorment season + draping of objects as the awakening to Spring.


I tend to curate objects in my collection to the ideas going on in my head from color schemes to textures to definitions.  
It's a warm-up to studio work.


I'm beginning something new for LADYFITS, allowing you to follow me as I hunt + gather in local thrift stores.  Above is the hunting list for today's thrifting experience.  It's composed of materials for the next LADYFITS issue (no.5) on the finale series to ARMOR.   

Thrift with me: @ladyfits  


LADYFITS dress + environment = new color scheme to admire
Sometimes my color scheme thoughts begin with the objects in my environment



This LADYFIT features elements from folk dress, mainly emphasizing the sleeves.  I've been breaking down the shapes that make up Czech folk dress.  The V- lace inset on the chest is another example of shapes taken from Czech folk dress.  I owe a lot to a book by Vaclavik, referenced in previous posts on my exploration into folk elements.  This LADYFIT is at the beginning stage of what is to be applied, explored and evolved into this project.  It's in the winter state of dress_dorment in elaboration + color.  

black + white image descriptions:
top image - Hana costume
middle image - Holiday costume from vicinity of Kojetin
bottom image - Holiday costume from vicinity of Hluk


My hunting_materials list is made up of words to define through objects in thrift stores.  I create a list before heading out on the thrift hunt.  These words typically relate back to content for the LADYFITS issues.  My list is rarely defined into_dresses_tops_polka dots_belts.  It's loose in defining exactly what I'm looking for_opens the experience to allow the random objects to happen.  I rely on the aesthetic + information I've gathered leading up to this time.  We collect a lot over time from material objects_dress styles_images_quotes_opinions.  This is all gathered together to make the thrift hunt.  

This is the beginning of many hunting + gathering posts, showing my process to explain things through dress.  This portion of the process is important because it's the main content for defining things.  The best part is finding an object I can't define its original definition of use or purpose_the definition then becomes ADORNMENTS_OBJECT WEARS.

The next stage for this object is to resource the pieces + begin design work.  At times it is hard to narrow the path of design for the object_unlimited answers with a limited resource_no backups_no waste.  When you think of the object as being the only one (no waste), your work can only be better through this tension in design......even if there are a lot of veggie steamers in this world (as shown above).

More to come in the process of this object as I begin to break down the pieces + sketch ideas.


EMBROIDERY_an object I tend to recover from the thrift stores to give it another chance.  I have placed the embroidery on another object of dress, utilizing both sides.  

Front of embroidery_the result of work
Back of embroidery_the process work

Equally beautiful on both sides

(Embroidery is a common theme that will continue to evolve with LADYFITS)


There's a process in the journey of an object to become a resource for explaining things in LADYFITS.  

These bundles of threads started in someone's collection.  Later, donated to Goodwill and placed in a bag.  I responded to the aged look + form of the threads, taking the objects into a new definition of use_as form_as adornment_as material resource for LADYFITS.  I used these objects as a way to explain ARMOR + pattern of dress.