LADYFITS: Partnership with Goodwill of the Heartland

I documented my creative outlet by sending daily outfits to friends across the country. The name LADYFITS started from this dialogue as a form of language that could easily communicate my thoughts of daily dress. I began to realize my LADYFITS started discussions within the community from thrift shoppers to people on the street. These discussions lead into personal stories from all ages regarding their dress history, stories and traditions. This began my desire to document these discoveries in my own way.
LADYFITS explores my interpretation of regional folk dress through the resource of thrift stores.  It will start a discussion on the aspects of a thrift store by twisting the ideas behind what it is and how it communicates to the community.   I’m allowing the artistic process of LADYFITS to be transparent to you as a living piece to this partnership through this blog, newsletters, and in-stores.  The process it takes to complete is part of the learning process for the viewer.  I'm eager to share each discovery, idea and evolution through various outlets, bringing the 'artist at work' to you.  Please contact me with your own thrift, textile, and design stories.  Continue to follow this blog and monthly in-store newsletter as my project evolves