LADYFITS_Fall colors

Earlier this week I was in the rural parts of iowa, traveling highway 30 - the great lincoln highway.  This is an amazing time to be in iowa, witnessing the harvest + fall colors.  i started writing about the connection of harvest to ceremony.  It is a form of ceremony to harvest the corn or soybeans - certain tasks the farmers complete - process - year after year.  Ceremony is the theme i will be working on for the next installment of LADYFITS. 

i've been collecting post-ceremony gowns...hideous to most for the over abundant details - designs that someone needed to say stop....edit.  i enjoy these over designed garments the most.  There are a lot of possibilites in resourcing parts - a form of post-ceremony dissection to a wedding gown.  They get donated to a thrift store....forgotten.  how can these post-ceremony garments be resourced in daily life again?
How do we define the garments that are ceremony vs. garments that are not ceremony?  

how i get ready - putting together a composition for the day's tasks - my form of ceremony....

what i wear is my ceremonial garment - it's in the discussions - stories - oral history through textiles



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