Yesterday's post began my re-look at LADYFITS from April events.  This post is documenting my moment in stripes.  

Stripes are a part of my folk dress, something I wear on a daily basis.  It is my Armor for the day that I feel most comfortable in.  Some have sweatpants, I have stripes.   

I couldn't find the stripes I imagined in my mind, so I created my own through adornment of materials (found objects) on garments.  I took it further by utilizing the scraps left behind from a LADYFITS composition.  No sewing waste is left behind.  

Another addition to my re-look is a worn/torn black lace blouse (third image).  I exaggerated its speed of wear even further as well as attached a wall tapestry (responded to its heavy water damage).  Creating this piece, exemplifies my aesthetic of the worn/torn being given another chance.  There's a lot more substance to this thrifted piece than something created in a fast fashion space.  It is only to be forgotten after its trend, becoming waste.  It is important to me to look at what is around us as material resource.  That is my hope for everyone to take away from the April events - form your own definitions to reuse, reduce, recycle in your life.

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