This composition was created from a bag of discarded fabric pieces in Czech Village, placed on a skirt purchased from Goodwill.  The fabric pieces made perfect sense in the bag both aesthetically + to the environment surrounding it: Czech Village.  It began my fascination: a bag of items being a small window into someone's curation of objects.  What were these textile pieces part of?  The colors reminded me of discarded pieces from a folk costume.  It brought together my fascination with a thrift store being a cultural pocket to a community +  an example of a cultural neighborhood of Cedar Rapids.

When I purchased this skirt, it was for the enlarged pockets - the structure to the garment. It would serve as a blank canvas.  I've only completed one pocket.  The pocket on the other side is left blank, awaiting another inspirational material purchase to create an equally balanced appeal.   

This is another uncovering of my collection from last Spring.  I'm already looking forward to presenting a new layer to this garment.  More to come.

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