CURATOR'S CHOICE: uncovering the past LADYFITS

Good bye, Winter!

Weather plays a role in the way we dress.  Not just for the functionality of armoring against the day's elements.  It is also based on a feeling. 

The other day was unseasonably warm in Iowa, 80 degrees + humid.  I could smell grills, saw people in the gardens, heard different birds + witnessed thunderstorms rolling in.  This connected me to a Spring state of mind.  I call this the "honeymoon stage" to dressing.  It is our first feeling of the season with the memories of the past. 

I began to uncover my spring dress from the darkness of dormant spaces.  A whole season has passed since I last acknowledged them.     

These two looks were from last Spring + first issue of LADYFITS.  The idea behind the red garment: personal folk + elements gathered from my Czech Heritage.  It's not an exact replica of Czech folk dress, but a feeling.  The striped (gray + off-white) skirt is an element to my folk dress.  I created this look from a feeling of a nomad around Cedar Rapids: taking the bus, walking with my oversized leather backpack, discovering spaces/materials/people in my community. 

I will post the day(s) I wear these forms of LADYFITS.  I won't alter the surface of the red garment, only adorn or armor it differently.  The stripped skirt will become something else - a hybrid of various stripe patterns.  

Hello, Spring!

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