Another day of recovered LADYFITS, curating looks from last Spring/Summer.  This particular look was from a series of styling evolutions, taking one garment through a journey of LADYFITS (white dress shown above).  It shows a never ending process to a look.  In my mind a look is never completely finished.  It's always morphing into something from the objects + materials surrounding me.

Similar to yesterday's post, I purchased this white dress with the same reasoning: blank canvas.  This garment had no detailing, it was simple.  I was drawn to the freedom attached to this thrifted piece.  It's not a defined material or have boundaries of dress.  Someone could have easily walked passed this white dress.   On a different day, I would have.  That's the allure of thrifting: emotion playing into the way we hunt + gather.  The emotion I felt during this thrift period was hunting pieces with no boundaries, blank canvas. 

The background of this image is a pre-look into a series I'm doing on embroidery with objects.  In this example, I'm embroidering with Goodwill tags.  Those in the Cedar Rapids + Marion area know these well.  They are charming tags with a great color scheme.  Why not use them as a resource for my work?  

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