Homage Collage: Little Nemo in Slumberland + LADYFITS Scarecrow

I grew up in the world of comic books, appreciating the craft + witnessing the process.  I've always wanted to connect my world of LADYFITS to comics.  I decided to try comic cell layouts for my newsletters with the possibility of future issues to be a storyline of my process + the characters (thrift objects) that come into play.  

For now, you can enjoy the simplicity of visual expressions in comic cell layouts, an homage to "Little Nemo in Slumberland" (started in the The New York Herald in 1905) - one of my favorite newspaper comics that stretched the reality of the world with a childlike nature + providing a look into the awe-inspiring craft of a comic artist's ability to bring so much energy into a small rectangular space.  The color patterning of this comic inspires the palette I choose for LADYFITS, blurring the details, shapes + textures into a whole composition.  I enjoy heavy amounts of detail work.  It brings you closer into this world to appreciate the materials it is made up of.

You can pick-up the latest issue of LADYFITS as the "Scarecrow of the Housewares Dept" at your local Goodwill store in the Cedar Rapids + Marion areas (issue is out on Friday, Oct. 28th).    

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