Yesterday was the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the National Czech & Slovak museum and library as well for the city of Cedar Rapids.  The energy in the Village was something I will never forget and will use as strength in my studio to keep pushing.   

On this day, most of my conversations were about my dress.  I wore a LADYFIT that summed up my feelings, bringing together a few old CR Czechs/Czech Village buttons as adornment + floral Babička head wrap + thrifted houseware items.  Some thought I was from a different country or the Czech princess in the village.  I took it as a compliment that I managed to figure out a contemporary garment composition for a Folk Costume.  To me, it is about the layers and shapes.  These conversations may have started about dress.  They continued with discussions on thrift, arts in our community, Czech history, and the flood of 2008.  

I gave myself a treat from the Czech Antique store to document this day's event.  I've been wanting this old folk costume book from 1979 (Slovakian book brought back to America).  It shows a folk culture of children's games in their classical form.  An excerpt from the book is shown above with its beautiful photography.  The authors of these types of books always define their purpose as it it folk culture not to be forgotten.  It is now documented for the ages.  I'm proof of that.  I will continue the book's purpose...... 

My mind jumps each time I pick this book up: connecting folk cultures to the idea of Mother Nature as the resource to adornment (of the head dresses) - connecting with the Omo people. .......something I'm connecting to LADYFITS + thrift objects (resource cabinet).......

Much more to come on this book as it narrates through my work - heading towards June 23rd exhibition event at the NCSML.

I have to add this IPR report about the move:  MUSEUM ON THE MOVE

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  1. Love the outfit. The book sounds wonderful. Glad the day treated you well!