Iowa tends to stay cool during the first portion of Spring, creating an opportunity to embrace 2 seasons at 1 time: Winter + Spring.  

This is my transition of ARMOR from Winter to Spring through layering + draping on to a simple black velvet dress.  This item of clothing was a staple for this past Winter season.  I transitioned it with colors + textiles I associate with warmer times.  I enjoy pieces that I can evolve, depending on the days thoughts.  The morning becomes a layering ritual for the day's tasks with weather being an important factor.  This is a creative warm-up, beginning the day with a wearable composition.  

These LADYFITS compositions are created from a materials list......veggie steamer, wall decoratives, grandmother's collection, recovered threads, scrapped hemlines, found objects, etc.  Most of the objects on the list are being altered from its original definition of use, broken down to be wearable.

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