My Ode to Iowa: a skirt made from towels.  
These were all made from Iowan ladies.  I'm giving the towels another chance + another use.  A majority of the towels were made by someone's Babička (Czech Grandmother).  I rescued a few from garage sales and others from Czech Village.  The majority of the towel stories followed the same storyline: my grandmother or Babička kept everything.  If it were to unravel, she would embroider...crochet....tatt on it.  Her way of giving it a new chance.  

Iowa has great thrift material.  It's not only the textile as material.  It is also the stories as material.  This is the part of LADYFITS I enjoy most, hearing the textile stories that make up the culture, the people and the history of Iowa.   

Background Textiles: thrifted silk Iowa scarf (left) and my Babička's tablecloth (right).

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