LADYBIRDS first began with my LADYFITS partnership with Goodwill of the Heartland in issue no.2.  

This blog follows my process of inspiration - idea - resource - into the form of textile compositions that I call LADYBIRDS.  I have been fascinated by these birds in New Guinea called Birds of Paradise.  Each bird has it’s own folk and culture as their survival techniques.  These birds express themselves through their own unique dances and by creating beautiful shapes/colors with their adornment of feathers.  It is one of our basic human conditions to communicate to others through our adornments.  The garment compositions serve as our second skin.  We create our own folk through this process as our personal style.   
I wanted to create pieces that could function both as a costume and daily dress.  It is interesting to sway between these two functions because there are no true definitions to either of them.  I used exaggerated shapes in my dress composition to create a bird-like structure.  If needed, it can be broken down into my daily dress by taking away layers.  All of the materials created in this garment are from my closet of thrift resources.  Each piece I used in the LADYBIRDS flock are pieces of garments I wear outside of this context.  This is my design aesthetic funneled into a LADYBIRD folk dress that embodies my expression.    
This LADYBIRD theme will reoccur as the evolution of expression continues.   

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