ELMA_I call this LADYFIT by this name solely on the story of the adornment.  I purchased this pin from Czech Village Antiques_the vendors are always there to attach the story to the object.  

The flower pin is from the 1930s, worn by a school teacher in Hills, IA named Elma.  This woman had an incredible story behind the pin and the wearer.  It was told through her daughter (vendor in Czech Village).  Female teachers could not marry during the term of their contract.  Elma eloped anyways and feared she would loose her job.  They thought by eloping it wouldn't be printed in the paper, a secretive way around the situation.  However, it was printed in the Des Moines Register.  Her principal found out and allowed it.  Elma was always greatful to her principal.     

Elma worked until she was 85, from school teacher to owner of a corner grocery store on Ellis Blvd. in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Later in her life, the flower pin always sat nicely in her drawer.  Elma's daughter never knew why it just sat there.  It was impressive to hear the description on the colors of pins_Elma's collection of adornments.  Teachers at that time (in a one room school house) could not wear bright colors. 
So Elma's object becomes my object of adornment_2 completely different time periods for women_2 completely different definitions of the object's use.   

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  1. What a wonderful and interesting story! I am sure Elma would be pleased as punch to see her floral pin re-purposed and back in use!